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ARNE Frame

ARNE Frame

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Frame with manual adjustment Visby ARNE

Available for purchase only together with a bed from Skandica.

It consists of 28 slats made of durable and flexible birch plywood, the characteristic structure of which carries heavy loads. Each of them is placed in durable plastic holders, thanks to which they work in the vertical "up-down" axis, as well as sideways. To increase the comfort of use, the slats in the central part of the frame have been enriched with a slider mechanism - by moving the sliders, we adjust the hardness / elasticity. When placed in the center, the rack is the most flexible. The slats here are mounted twice (one on top of the other). A reinforcing belt is attached along the entire length of the frame (in the middle), thanks to which the frame provides better weight distribution.

The Visby ARNE frame is equipped with a five-step, manual height adjustment of the headrest and footrest. Thanks to this, it can be set in a position from lying to relaxing. We recommend it for all types of mattresses.


  • Frame height: approx. 5 cm
  • Number of slats: 28
  • The distance between the battens: 3.5 cm
  • Mattress width: 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm or 100 cm
  • Length for the mattress: 200 cm

Technical specifications

  • The material from which the slats are made: birch plywood
  • Longitudinal tape that strengthens the bent strips and the strip connecting the frame in the middle part
  • Adjustable hardness / elasticity in the lumbar region with sliders; helps to adjust the support to individual needs and thus adjust the elasticity of the mattress; adjustment is done by moving the sliders - placing them in the middle provides the greatest flexibility
  • Flexible handles on the frame of the frame made of a material resistant to cracking - allow the slats to work in the "up-down" axis as well as to the sides
  • Five-step, manual height adjustment of the footrest and headrest
  • The slats adjustable with sliders are mounted twice

Bed frame - why is it so important?

The frame is not only a support for the mattress. Its flexible slats take the weight of the body, thanks to which the mattress is properly positioned during sleep. In addition, thanks to the frame, it is also possible to air flow and remove moisture, which translates into a longer life of the mattress.

Remember, a perfectly matched mattress placed on a poor-quality frame may lose its properties.

Warning! When buying a Visby ARNE mattress for an already used bed, check whether it has special - wider - slats on which it should be placed. If they are missing, they must be additionally attached.

This product can be purchased only as accessory to one of the beds from Skandica. 

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