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MIRROR Autumn Meadow Beigie

MIRROR Autumn Meadow Beigie

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Mirror with Autumn Meadow Beigie

The story begins like this: first we made a prototype of this wooden cutie. When it came to our studio, we knew immediately that we would make a whole range of mirrors with the backgrounds of our most popular wallpaper patterns. The pattern selection was very difficult, but we narrowed it down to the golden 10!

‘The back’ of the shelves are made of plywood. Then they were painted with eco-varnish so that no splinter would stick into the little fingers. Then our wonderful guys from printing house glued the colour prints to the front of the plywood, and finally we – in the studio – glued the plexiglass mirror.

The mirror will be a great ‘helper’ when your baby is learning to brush his teeth. It has the perfect dimensions to put it next to the bed and put a brush or a hair comb on the shelf. It also fits perfectly at the front door of the house, so that everyone can check themselves before leaving.

Key information

  • Size of all plywood with mirror (W x H): 44 cm x 52 cm
  • Size of the mirror pane itself: 35 cm. The plexiglass is made of plexiglass – so as not to hurt your baby, even if the shelf falls off the wall
  • Plexiglass distorts the image if we stand 1 m away from the mirror. The image is perfect when we stand close.
  • The plywood is 1 cm thick. It is light, without knots. It weighs approx. 2 kg.
  • It is mounted on screws, which are placed in the holes covered then by the horizontal shelves. The screws are invisible after screwing the entire shelf.
  • The depth of the horizontal shelf: 6 cm

What is important: the assembly of this furniture does NOT require any additional tools: you do not need screwdrivers, screws, hammers. Everything is just matched and then inserted – the shelf is solid and the mirror is already glued to a strong double-sided tape.


    • 10 - 15 days delivery time when not in stock.

    Design brand DEKORNIK 

    "We speak with our clients, listen to suggestions, and design in accordance with ideas of children and adults. We fully stand behind each product and each customer must be 100% satisfied."

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