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DOLL House Wooden

DOLL House Wooden

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It's our brand new project called "It's my house".

For a very long time, we were thinking about the kind of decorations for our shelves. And finally, we came up with a way! We have characterized them in four styles: French, Italian, Dutch and American. Therefore, now everyone will be able to choose a shelf according to the decor of the room or the interests of the resident. The shelf is made of 10 mm thick plywood bright, nice, top-class.

The additional stickers are prepared on the template 42 × 62 cm, which you can - but you don't have to - stick on a wooden shelf. And this is the coolest element for fun! You can always change the look of our shelf - it can be colourful or raw, depending on your taste or mood 🙂

What's important, no tools, no screwdriver are needed to fold the shelf :) The furniture does not contain any metal elements, only wood + stickers! The shelf is mounted to the wall with 2 small screws, attached to the package. After assembly and hanging the shelf screws are covered with horizontal shelves.

Key Information

  • The shelf (back) measures 42 x 62 cm
  • Each of them has two shelves for placing light objects. The depth of the shelves is approx. 10 cm after installation.
  • The template with stickers also has a size of 42 x 62 cm
  • There are 14 self-adhesive elements on the template (items such as the components of the shutters are counted as one element :).
  • Elements are really easy to stick them on a wooden shelf. They can also be gently peeled off without any damage for the shelf.


    • 10 - 15 days delivery time when not in stock.

    Design brand DEKORNIK 

    "We speak with our clients, listen to suggestions, and design in accordance with ideas of children and adults. We fully stand behind each product and each customer must be 100% satisfied."

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